Elegant in style. Excellent in taste.

Brewing beer with traditions from the past and superior quality of the present.

Brewing great beer is our passion, and we do it in accordance with proud traditions. Our brewmasters are experienced and skilled in brewing delicious beer. We are familiar with countless methods of brewing beer and we brew it with love and care. Ingredients are chosen carefully and we use only the very best raw materials. Our production facilities are modern and up to date. This makes Puls a beer with traditions from the past and superior quality of the present.

Today, Puls beers are sold in many countries in the world and are produced in Germany in Darguner Brauere and in Estonia in Viru Õlu Brewery.


As an international drinks manufacturer, product quality and safety are paramount to us. We will meet the highest international food safety standards by using raw materials with a high and consistent quality throughout the entire value chain – from raw materials to final product. Our quality requirements to raw materials suppliers follow this ambition and product quality is evaluated systematically. Investments in quality improvements and optimisation of production facilities are made to ensure that we meet international standards and expectations for quality and hygiene at all times. All production units are certified in accordance with international quality standards, and systematic follow-up and controls are carried out.